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Unique technology for the food
and pet food industries

Source Technology offers a versatile protein processing technology for making premium fibrous meat, fish, or plant-based foods.

Create high-end natural foods

At Source Technology, we help global food and pet food companies provide delicious and climate-friendly food options with our unique PowerHeatertechnology. With our flexible technology, you can make fibrous and tasty plant-based, meat, fish, or hybrid products for both humans and pets – using the ingredients you prefer. Our goal is to make every protein count.

Processing Technology

Make premium fibrous food or pet food with the PowerHeater™

Our patented PowerHeater™ technology processes and refines various protein sources into fibrous food, for people or pets. The versatile technology offers multiple advantages.

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Analysis Technology

Automatic quality control with the Bulk Density System™

Add valuable and cost-saving analysis to your production line. Our patented inline sampling and analysis technology is primarily suited for extruded feed and food production as well as industrial non-food products.

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Rental machines

Try before you buy

Get familiar with our technologies at your facility, with the possibility to rent our technologies. A rental period might be the right thing for you, to finalise your proff-of-concept product development or final recipe test phase.

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Which proteins can be processed using the PowerHeater™?

The PowerHeater™ handles a variety of protein categories:

The technology can easily process many different types of proteins. You can make plant-based meat alternatives. You can refine lower grades of meat or fish into fibrous high-end products. Or you can make a commercial product from cultivated proteins. Regardless of which, the PowerHeater™ can process them into ready-to-eat, juicy, easy-to-use food products or nutritious pet food.

We want to make every protein count.

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Our Test Center services give new food products a flying start

In our PowerHeater™ Test Center, our application specialists help you develop fibrous texture, taste, and test the final application you desire.

Let us help you test and improve your new product idea and benefit from our experienced team of application and process specialists. You can always rely on our expertise in fine-tuning your recipe, so you achieve an appealing and commercial product.

Do your test remotely

Use our Test Center from home. We offer a live feed from the Test Center while processing your shipped ingredients. The test is performed live by our application team, and you can discuss results and adjustments along the way.

Visit our Test Center

To get the full processing experience, a Test Center visit means learning and sparring on the highest level. How do you prepare and process? How do the ingredients interact, and which adjustments make your product optimal?

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Our Global Distributors

A huge and very important part of our company is our dedicated Distributor network, that can help our customers with valuable local knowledge.

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