Meet our very own speed devil

Our valued employee Lasse Andreasen is racing with our name on the side of his racecar. 🏎️💨
Since his start at Source Technology in 2021, we have proudly sponsored our Regional Sales Manager Lasse Andreasen’s spare time passion for speed.

“Kim Krintel supports me in my racing, it is an honor to receive his backing. Racing is my passion, and I am grateful that my workplace supports me both on and off the track. The company also benefits in sponsoring me by gaining access to the local business network that I also administrate outside of my job at Source Technology,” Lasse says.

Competing nationally in the Super GT V6 racing class means Lasse attends six yearly races. Besides promoting the Source Technology brand on the racetracks, Lasse runs a local business network including 46 different locally based businesses.

Not only does it make sense for us to support our employees in their passions outside of Source Technology, but we also see great value in benefitting from the worldwide network of businesses, viewers, fans, and other stakeholders. OK Oktan 100 Super GT Danmark is transmitted through YouTube with around 16.000 live viewers.

Thank you for giving us a ride, Lasse! 🏆