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Vegan Chicken

Raw material

Vegan Poultry Thai Curry

Vegan Chicken & Spaghetti

Vegan Chicken Sticks

Vegan Chicken Sticks with Sauce

Vegan Beef

Raw material

Vegan Beef Stew

Vegan Beef Sandwich

Mexican Beef

Vegan Taco Beef


Beef products developed for the food service industry. The automated PowerHeater process ensures market differentiation by means of natural-looking meat products with a unique texture and bite.


Crumbles are produced by means of a fully automated process without human interference from meat preperation to finish product.

Small & Large


Strips can be adjusted in size depending on the set-up by the unique UniCut™ cutting system.



Irregular cubes are often used as topping product within the food service industry. The irregular shape provide a natural looking meat alike.

Kebab Strips

A multi-purpose product which due to its natural appearenace can be used for many servings  and is a way to create quick and easy new dishes.

All Meat


All meat low cost formula with very visual meat stringation which provide a natural look of the jerky.

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