Proud Sponsor of Sclerosis Research

Source Technology is proud to be a sponsor of “Cykelnerven” (The Bicycle Nerve), one of the most challenging charity events in Denmark. This incredible event sees cycling enthusiasts tackle some of the toughest climbs on the Tour-de-France route in support of crucial research into multiple sclerosis and raising awareness of the disease.

We are proud sponsors in 2023 and 2024 of the local charity cyclist Brian Enemark, who next week will be riding through the Alps cycling for a world without sclerosis! 🚲

Cykelnerven / Scleroseforeningen is a charity supporting research into all three types of the neurological disease sclerosis. Through personal sponsors, each rider contributes with thousands of DKK that go towards research and awareness of this chronic disease.

For Brian, being a part of Cykelnerven makes sense on several levels:

“This event is so meaningful to me in many ways because cycling is my passion and at the same time, I get the opportunity to hang out with a lot of wonderful people. But most importantly, I support the fight against sclerosis, which my brother, unfortunately, suffers from.”

Source Technology has chosen to sponsor this important cause because the team Brian is a part of is a team from Kolding, ‘Hold Trekantsområdet’. We wish to support our local community in Kolding, where our headquarters are situated, and when it comes to cycling – it is a sport that is very close to our CEO Kim Krintel’s heart 💘

Visit their website for more information here

📸 Jakob Helbig for Cykelnerven, and Brian Enemark’s private photos