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Our technologies and our services go hand in hand and are all made to serve your food manufacturing needs.

The PowerHeater™ Test Center

Our fully-equipped PowerHeater™ Test Center is designed to bring customers and processing experts together and experience and explore the full potential of the PowerHeater™ and FlexiCut™.

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How to get started

To find out if we can help each other we will support your with clarifying conversation, food product samples and many other opporttunities. Have a look.

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Inline Analysis Test Center

Try our sampling and analysis technologies on you dry bulk product and learn how to sufficiently oprate and maintain them.

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Technical Service & Support

We know our technologies inside and out and ensure they run smoothly for many years. Always at your service.

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Have a look at our events, and see if one is for you. We love to meet new people!

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Learn how to operate our technologies and optimize your processing work flow or product quality.

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